Nocturnal Journeys

Nocturnal Journeys
Run Time: 43 minutes
Size: 2.3 GB
 US$ 6.50 Rental (48 hours)


This is Campanile's show from the early 2000's, in which they broke their tables into rolling sections, complete dashed the idea of static assignments, and added even more instrumentation, storytelling, and dancing.  Follow Campanile into the World of Dreams, on a Nocturnal Journey...

About Campanile:
Campanile performed music, dance, and spoken word for 15 years in theatres throughout North America and Asia.   

A cast of 9 performers weave a web of myth while performing on acoustic and electric bells, percussion, strings, and winds.

In 2006, Campanile gave one final performance before retiring, but the tradition lives on!    Campanile members continue to ring, write, teach, play, and serve the handbell community.

Enjoy this concert as a 48 hour rental.